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25.02.2019 Wowzzers This Is A First For Me

So, a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if i would be so kind as to do their dad's funeral. It was my pleasure to do it for them. Having chatted to my friend and had phone conversations with one of their sisters and supported them, I set about writing their Eulogy for the service.

Today I conducted the service in a crematorium I have never conducted at and a funeral Directors I have never worked with.

Despite all that I di had written and spoken of in the service, including my own personal acknowledgement of knowing them, it wasn't till the final song played that It downed on me, I knew them too.

Look up at the ceiling, wipe that tear forming and exit to greet the family as we come out.

Me doing that , didn't go as unnoticed as I though.

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