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Tailored celebrant services in Havant, Hampshire 

Create an event that everyone will love, with the help of ES Celebrant Services. I work with clients from across Havant, Hampshire and the wider area.

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A word from Eddie, founder of
ES Celebrant Services

"My name is Eddie, and I discovered I am passionate about creating designs for invites to parties I have arranged.

A few years ago, I needed orders of service for a wedding and a couple of funerals. The cost to have these done by other professionals was expensive. So, I set about doing it myself.

You'll be surprised how difficult it really is.

A few years later, I found myself in a different position, where I wanted to write a eulogy for a personal funeral in my own family. At the time, I didn't realise how difficult that would be, especially when everyone I spoke to about it had various thoughts and things, they wanted me to include. Most think you just write a few paragraphs, and the vicar goes away and tidies it up.

However, on this occasion, I wanted to be the one to write it in my own words and hand it to the vicar to read. On the day when I wanted everything to go well, I was left thinking; I hope I did my loved one proud. I like to think I did. 

Having offered my services of Eulogy writing and designing the Orders of Services for weddings and funerals to friends and family, why not start doing this professionally? After some research, I discovered there was such a thing… it was the role of a celebrant.

So, I researched available training courses. Through a recognised Fellowship of Professional Celebrants company, I booked, attended, completed, and qualified on a certified course for celebrants. 

Doing so made me more confident in offering support and comfort to families when meeting them at their most challenging times to compose a totally bespoke and heart-warming fitting eulogy and then write the whole celebration of life service on a professional. This also enabled me to then write words professionally for people.

Now, I am able to not only offer a range of writing services, but also attend and conduct a wide range of ceremonies and additional services.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working with you to make your next event extra special."

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A complete event planning package

Celebrant certificate

Fully certified

I am a certified celebrant and also a registered member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants myself. I have also completed further courses to conduct weddings and marriages.

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Helping everyone to celebrate

Regardless of your age, gender, orientation, personal beliefs or life choices, I believe everyone should be able to celebrate. My services are ideal for anyone looking for alternative ways to celebrate, honour or otherwise come together.

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Worry-free event planning

By choosing ES Celebrant Services, you can relax knowing that your event is in safe hands. I am happy to incorporate any elements into your event, and will keep you up to date right up until the day itself.

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