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Frequently asked questions about my party planning services

For over years, ES Celebrant Services has been a cornerstone of events and event planning in the Havant and Hampshire area. I offer bespoke services to families, friends and groups in the area, and always take the time to make your event one to remember. 

Take a look at my handy FAQ guide below, or get in touch to learn more. I am available for weddings, civil ceremonies, parties, funerals and other life events.

FAQ: Welcome

FAQ-weddings and ceremonies

What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is someone who is able to provide you with a custom-made ceremony which is unique and personal to you. Whist they do not have the legal authority to approve a marriage - like a registrar - choosing a celebrant gives you greater freedom as to what is included in your ceremony.

Are they the same as humanist?

No. A humanist is someone who does not follow any religious teachings, whereas a celebrant is someone who hosts and conducts the ceremony. As a celebrant I'm happy to conduct and host your ceremony with or without religious content. To me, it's your day so you can have it your way. You can be both a celebrant and a humanist, but they are separate concepts.

Are celebrants qualified?

Whilst anyone can become a celebrant, it is always better to go with someone who has trained. I attended training, and am a member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants.

Can anyone use a celebrant?

Any couple wishing to celebrate their commitment in a way which is more memorable, unique, symbolic, and personal to them can use a celebrant. Any couple wishing to include a symbolic ceremony such as a hand hasting, a sand ceremony, a dove release, or any other symbolic, religious, or cultural tradition which more meaningful to them.

Are there any restrictions?

Celebrant ceremonies are unrestricted and can take place anywhere indoors or outdoors, even venues that may not have a marriage licence. All that is needed is the permission of the chosen venue.

Like I tell families... It’s your day so, why not have it your way?

Can you host a wedding, and is it legally binding?

Yes and no respectively. Whilst I can host a wedding, and issue a certificate, it will not be legally binding. For any wedding or civil partnership to be legally binding, you must arrange a separate appointment with your local registry office to make it official in the eyes of the law.

How will my ceremony be organised?

I will contact you after your initial query, and arrange a time to come and visit. We will work together until the big day, with plenty of opportunities to discuss your event, requirements and last-minute adjustments.

Will I get a copy of what is said as a memento?

After the service, I will be outside, and I will hand you the printed copy of the service for you to keep.


FAQ-funeral services

Can you be the celebrant for a family funeral?

Firstly, thank you for choosing me to conduct your funeral service. I am happy to be the celebrant for your funeral, burial or cremation. Choosing a celebrant offers more creative freedom when it comes to the ceremony.

Do you work for a specific funeral home?

No. I have been around my local area and visited all the homes from Bognor Regis to Midhurst, Chichester to Selsey, Havant to Hayling Island.

What if the funeral directors have not used you before?

In the event that they do not recall me visiting them or have not used me before, then you can give them my contact details for them to contact me.

Do you only work with corporate funeral directors?

No, I am happy to work with any funeral directors, be they corporate or family run, established or new.

When do I decide if I want a celebrant?

A funeral home should ask you your preferences (e.g. celebrant, vicar, priest) during your initial visit.

What do I do if they have already assigned someone?

You are not obliged to use any supplied celebrants: contact your funeral home of choice as soon as possible if you wish to make use of my services instead. You can also change your mind if you decided not to choose me.

Can there be religious elements to the ceremony?

That is fine., although most celebrants, myself included, are not religious. I have no qualms including and reciting any religious content you give me to say in the service.

Can you help me with planning?

I am always happy to offer suggestions and ideas based on previous ceremonies I have attended and conducted.

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To arrange my party planning services in Havant, get in touch today

Feel free to email me at, or send a message via text or WhatsApp to 07961 104705.

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