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02.05.2023 Wedding Fayre No 2

Awesome. met some lovely people and couples on 30.04.2023 when I attended the wedding Fayre at Langstone Quays. I have two contacts to make contact with regarding they special day. Was great to also chat to potential couples too.

I was approached by one lovely couple who asked me if I had any objection to doing a lesbian wedding and was I LGBTQ+ friendly. I was a little taken back, as I have absolutely no issues what so ever in .conducting a ceremony for a lesbian couple of a gay couple. They went on to tell me that they attended a wedding fayre recently and the person on a stand turned round and said they wouldn't do a ceremony for their people.

HOW DISRESPECTFUL let alone disclusional

The couple were so pleased I said I would and suggested I put a pride flag on to my banner.

(I can't change it and buy a third one)

In fact I was looking prior to this of advertising my Celebrant Services on some of the LGBTQ+ websites.

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