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19.01.2023 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions?

** The information in this Blog is based on what I have been told myself.

When Choosing a Funeral Celebrant

Sadly, the time has arisen when you lose someone, and you are now faced with what to do and how you want the service to go. The trouble is that you have a million and one things to organise and sort out. Sometimes it is a case of you never having to arrange anything like this before. Being this case, you are more likely to go with the flow and ask those who know or deal with it for guidance.

So off you go to the Funeral Directors, who will ask you if you want a church or crematorium service. That bit is easy.

The following questions will be

Do you want a Vicar, Priest, Or Minister to conduct the service?


Do you want a Funeral Celebrant or a Humanist?

The Funeral Arrangers should explain to you the difference.

In short, Humanists don’t follow any particular religious. However, they DO follow a belief system and it is one of atheism, therefore their funerals will be completely atheist based and will not allow any kind of religious or spiritual content.

The service delivered by an Independent Celebrant like myself though is that my ceremonies are completely led by what either yourself and/or deceased loved one believed or wanted, not what the celebrant believes or doesn’t believe. The content of each ceremony I conduct is chosen on what you want.

Many people do not go to church, nor belong to any specific religious organisation yet they do not classify themselves as atheists either, therefore neither a church service nor a humanist service is appropriate.

That’s where I come in.

I myself cover the Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex areas. As a Funeral Celebrant I will conduct the service more personally with what you want in it, exactly how you want it to be done. If you choose to have religious content, a celebrant will be happy to include it.

So, you’re pondering, what if mum, dad, husband, or wife weren’t overly religious throughout their lives? Then you might be happy to choose a Funeral Celebrant service or a Humanist one.

Funeral Arrangers have details of Funeral Celebrants and Humanists they can call upon for your service. They SHOULD identify one to call upon based on your wishes, requests, and the vibe they get from you when you meet.

Sometimes they will go to the Funeral Celebrants and Humanists they always use. Based on that, you don’t have to use the one they choose for you.

However, did you know you can find your own Funeral Celebrant? There are many online directories and search engines like Google and You can also find professionally trained Independent Celebrants throughout the U.K. on

Hang On a minute. What if you knew of a Funeral Celebrant that you wanted to conduct your service for you? Then you tell the Funeral Arranger you want a celebrant Service and tell them who the person is you want them to contact on your behalf.

You may not even realise you knew of someone like myself, who is a Funeral Celebrant until afterwards and then thought, “Oh, I wished I’d asked Eddie.”

So now, by having clicked on the link earlier, read the remainder of my Blog, and visited my website, you can see that I am a professionally trained through the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants as a Funeral Celebrant and Wedding Celebrant too.

As you are here, please explore my website further. Be sure to read some of the testimonials that others have written who’ve used me to conduct their service as a Funeral Celebrant.

Please pass my details on to people you may know who may be in this situation. Remember this information, click below to Like, share and follow my Facebook Page.

Thank you for reading my Blog today.

Kind regards


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