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18.05.2018 Final Day of course Completed Day 3:

Today was the last day of my course. I have to say I have met some lovely people and now fellow Celebrants.

There is certainly a lot more more to being a celebrant than I originally thought, a daunting process but a challenge too.

Last nights homework was to write a Eulogy from speaking speaking to a fellow celebrant on the course. Many lessons to be learnt in how to get information, plus how you can feel afterwards when you do not have as much information given, yet still you have to produce a family's Eulogy.

Our eulogies are being delivered by us to our fellow celebrants in the chapel today.

So off I go, suited and booted.

Just want to say thanks to everyone who's shown interest in my adventure this week. Your likes and comments of kind words mean a lot.

It's all becoming real

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