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14.05.2021 World Celebrant Week

This week is world Celebrant Week, So I thought I'd share this with you. Each day the Fellowship (FPC is the fellowship I did my course with) set us a question to answer and post every day this week.

10.05.2021 Day 1 when did I take the leap.

I finished work 5th March 2018 and set about setting up my own business. With in a couple of months, I had designed my own website all on my own, the middle of July ES Invites & Occasions was born and out on the Web.

11.05.2021 Day 2 Why did I choose FPC?

I initially thought the person at the front at the crematorium was employed by the crematorium.

It was when I watched The Chase one day someone was a celebrant and they said what they did.

I did my research and found the Fellowship, nice and friendly site, reasonably price and a course in a couple weeks.

Loved it and booked the wedding marriage course too.

12.05.2021 Day 3 What Have I Learned?

I have learned:

How every family is different.

How humble they are for my written words.

How much I love being a celebrant.

How supportive fellow celebrants are.

How much I learn about each family and their life stories.

13.05.2021 Day 4 My Favourite Moments.

My Favourite moments are:

When the phone rings and I'm asked if I'm available.

When I'm asked to do a service for someone who has been to one of my services and has requested me.

When the family comes up to me and says " Thanks Eddie what a lovely service and making the day more bearable"

When I get a lovely review on my Facebook page.

14.05.2021 Day 5 I'm Excited by

I'm excited about where my Celebrant journey is going and waiting for my next call to say "Hi Eddie are you available for a service"

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