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10.08.2018 My First Ever Official Celebrant Visit

Well today I met my first family as a Funeral Celebrant today, for a service Tuesday week. I have just had a phone call from the funeral directors to give me some feedback so far. The family loved what I'd wrote when I was visiting them in addition to their information they gave me. They loved how I worded some of the situations and added elements of humour to it.

I can honestly say , that I am so glad that I have chosen to become a Funeral Celebrant and Wedding Celebrant. I think I've amazed myself at what I can achieve.

Of course, now it means I have my first delivery of a Celebrant service and been informed there will be absolutely loads of people attending. The family reckon we could be looking at 400 plus

GULP No pressure then for my first Celebration of life service eh?

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