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10.01.2019 A Poem For You

I wrote a poem today for the person who gave me the final nudge to become a Funeral Celebrant, not that I knew it even existed then. It was only after their service that I wrote and gave to the vicar to read word for word and also spoke myself as a tribute. I though I would write eulogies for people.

It was only whilst setting everything up, I watched a TV programme that some said they were a Celebrant. They then explained what that was. When I researched further in to what I realised, that the person at the front of the crematorium was not a crematorium staff member.

That could be me. so I researched further and booked a course.

So here is the poem for my mum who passed away a year ago today.

I Remember It Well, Like It Was Only Yesterday

How could I possibly Of forgotten this day When I was actually told You'd gone on your way

Time stood still Lonely and lost Cold shivers felt like Being bitten by Jack Frost.

I came to your side Saw you asleep on your bed I then laid down beside you Emotions running though my head.

Knowing you were gone Was difficult to perceive That fact you been taken Was hard to believe.

Out of pain and discomfort Though now your better Back with your sister Bet you're glad you re met her.

It's hard without you Mum I'm not gonna lie I still think about you When I do, I do cry.

Tears of memories Tears of pain Wondering when I will see you again.

I ask myself why you were taken that day So much to tell you So many things to say

By Christ I miss you, Though I knew I would You loved me for me Like any mother should.

Tried to DO my best I hope you agree Watch over daily And watch over me.

Though I know You’re on a cloud up above It Still doesn't heal The hurt of your love.

It's not before me And not by my side I know it's here with Locked deep inside.

Never did I think It would be quite this hard No birthday phone call And no Christmas card.

Done the first of everything Apart from today. I miss you mum Now and every day.

So here we are mum A year to the very day I remember it well Like it was only yesterday

Written By Eddie Slater @ esinvitesandoccasions For the First Anniversary Of my mum 10th January 2018 To 10th January 2019

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