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09.01.2019 Busy Few Days ahead

Wow what a busy few days so far and ahead of me.

Saturday: Message from Funeral Directors asking if I'm available, to speak on Monday.

Monday: Phone funeral directors. Phone client to arrange a meeting. Prep for meeting tomorrow.

Tuesday: Meet client in evening (1830hrs) Come home (2130hrs) write up Order of Service and email. Make changes requested to reply to email Find songs for service. Write up content of service. Make CD for service. Email funeral home ready for morning.

Wednesday (0647 hrs) Recieve reply from client Re email sent early hours. (0840hrs) Prep email to send to client. (0850 hrs) Speak with client Re email sending to them. (0903hrs) Update funeral directors on all events by email. (0921hrs) coffee and quick update to my Facebook Page

Still to do:

Receive a poem from a family member and add to service. Finalise a timing. Printing Check CD with Crematorium Notes for Crematorium Notes for Funeral Conductor Shopping for items needed to complete the above.

Oh and sleep.

I learnt a big thing over this process:

A busy few days for me, makes the comfort received for the family so worthwhile and at a small price to me of a busy few days.

Love being a Celebrant and helping a family.

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