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08.09.2022 Sad Day Losing The Queen

Just written a poem for the queen, it's called Thank you Ma'am

Thank You Ma'am

I thought I saw you filtering, Though still admired from afar A legacy you'll leave behind you, With a rather high-raised bar.

You've done so much for Blighty So much more than your best When you closed your eyes last night It is now time for you to rest.

First and foremost you were the glue, That together held your family and the nation Something you've done so readily Since before and after your Coronation.

The years have been such trepidation With so many things you had to endure But yet you soldiered on still smiling With whatever came to knock your door.

Your humour shown to all your family Your heart shown to the world and I A sad day bestowed to everyone and all When the news broke that you did die.

Where will our future take us With Charlie boy now at the helm May he lead in your sturdy footsteps As he continues watching your realm.

May the grief your family is feeling Be shortly paved and not long endured. I feel we're all behind them together So please please be rest assured.

For never has there been a Queen so beautiful. So majestic in the way you did flow Dressed in such bright colours Shaking hands with people as you go.

Congratulations on your reign Ma'am A historical milestone you've achieved You even reach your platinum Jubilee Something we all knew you would and believed.

Rest safe now you are back with Phillip For now, you are both back together Sleep tight our Majesty and Queen With great thanks in our hearts forever.

May you Rest In Peace Ma'am

Copyright By Eddie Slater

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