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08.06.2022 I Have Done A service Myself For My Family

Well, what can I say other than that's a first for me today? I delivered a service about a member of my own family. This last month I have been helping my wife's stepmom come to terms with losing her 99year old & 8mths Mother.

Having lost her husband (My Father in Law) only a couple of years back, she was alittle hesitant about the crematorium as used before, despite it being a lovely place. So I had an idea and proposed it to my Step-Mother in Law and took her to visit a house I went to on an open day recently.

She loved it, so I have pretty much orchestrated the funeral that took place today.

Took Step Mother-in-Law shopping for the drinks, and taken her on many visits to the venue to discuss requirements face to face. Register the passing.

What with my service written, the Orders of Services designed, printed, folded and panicked after arriving at venue wondering if I'd remembered to take the OOS of the desk with me. Of Course I had.

Armed with my new speaker system and portable lectern deliver a smashing celebration of life.

I then arranged for everyone one after the service final song played, they entered the garden at the venue and waved good by to the coffin as it passed on the exit, and for all guests to place a rose on the coffin as it went by the arch of people.

I accompanied the coffin and Hearse to the said mentioned crematorium, whilst they all remained at the venue for the celebration of life wake.

Once at the crematorium, Myself, the funeral conductor and the verger entered to music, then I spoke a few personal words with just me the funeral conductor and the crematorium verger in the room, exit song played, I placed my personal flowers then the curtain closed, then I returned to wake.

What a day. Just so pleased it went well. People commented on my lovely service upon my return. But most of all my Step-Mother in Law couldn't thank me enough. You should have seen the flowers. X3 sprays a very cleverly made Yorkshire Terrier and a sitting Meerkat. All made from (Flowers by Sue Bellamy)

Think I've earned a Red Wine or a G&T or two today.

Next stop Kettering for a friend of mine service I've asked to conduct.

Now, where's my bloody satnav

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