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03.08.2018 I Am So Chuffed Right Now

Day 3 and 4 went well, meet some more lovely Funeral directors today. Day 4 Completing the remaining ones missed due to time yesterday.

Walked in to a corporate branch today, and started my patter. (starting to hate the sound of my own name but needs must I suppose) The funeral coordinator stopped me and said " hang on" I genuinely thought she was going to say I needed to speak to a particular person. When she said " What are you doing on 21st." Naturally I flipped the pages on my ever so empty diary, whilst making it look like I had loads of bookings and that I may be free that day.


I have just been booked for my first service as a Funeral celebrant.

Needless to say, I have just left the branch with the biggest smile on my face ever. I will never ever forget this day.

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