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02.02.2023 Strange Day For A Write-Up!

Updated: May 2, 2023

Well today was a strange day. Let me tell you why.

It started towards the end of last year, when a friend of mine told me some life changing and devastating news as a family. It was during the same conversation, that he asked me if I would conduct his service and that he wanted to be a part of the life story.

Why not? 

It was his life story to tell, after all.

So with Christmas now out the way and January come to a close, it crossed my mind of the promise I made to my friend, along with the uncertainty of what time we have left, despite him being his usual self. 

So off I went today, to fulfil my promise and set about at least starting the write up off.

My friend said he was unsure of what to say or how to even start it off.  So I suggested we simply just see how it goes and we'll go from there. 

But more importantly, it had to be at his pace. 

After a while and the comment was often made of "Blimey Eddie are you writing a book"  to my response of, "Your life is not a five minute thing" 

We continued on, with a read back from time to time and the sounds of laughter, as some stories were recalled.

How lovely to hear the laughter come from my friend. However, after all tge stories of his life were recalled, described and noted down, the final part still needs to be written and discussed.

I wrote a few words and then read what I'd say to conclude his Eulogy, a strange sense awashed me and I could see my friend was taking it all in.

Inside a silent tear was withheld by myself, as I read it to him. Then came the comment "Thats a really nice choice of words" from my friend.

A pause still, as I sat there thinking, how weird that all felt and bizarre,  actually hearing someone's life story first hand. Yet at the same time, how much of a beautiful experience it was.

Having never experienced a write up being conducted with the said person still present and telling me it all first hand, it was definitely new and a concept, I'd conduct again and would also recommend to others to think about..

Maybe you too have been given some life changing and devastating news as a family too and would like to a part of the writing of your celebration of life service?

If so why not contact me.

Thanks Eddie. 😊

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